Your Steadfast Love is Better Than Life

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is the day that we as a society celebrate love, but have you ever noticed that not everyone loves Love Day? As a matter of fact, there is a whole group of people who will instead call this day Singles Awareness Day, aka S.A.D.

Why People Hate “Love Day”

It’s no secret to those who know me that I don’t care much for Valentine’s day. It used to be because I hated the pressure of a) not having a Valentine or b) not having my expectations met or not meeting the expectations of others. However, now I’m not a fan because I don’t feel like I need to be told to show love to my husband or my family. It means more to do little loving things on a random Tuesday than on Valentine’s day.

So Why is it that so many, including myself for many years, hate Valentine’s Day? It’s the day of love after all. Shouldn’t we all be giving and receiving love not only from significant others but from friends and family too? I think the answer is because Valentine’s Day reminds so many of us of how love has failed us, or more precisely, how people have failed to love us.

No matter how much I love my husband (and I love him VERY much) I’m not going to always love him perfectly. I’m human. It’s not natural to put someone else before yourself. Even in our short time of marriage, there have been hurt feelings, unfulfilled expectations, and tears despite how much we love each other.

It’s sad to say, but all of us at some time or another have not been loved very well and it often leaves us jaded towards love in any form. That’s why, on this day of love, instead of expecting flowers and chocolates from my hubby, I focus on a different kind of love. One that will never disappoint and one that drives me to love better.

Steadfast Love

Psalm 63:3 says, “because Your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.” Steadfast is an adjective that means resolutely firm and unwavering. God’s love is unwavering. Think of all the times throughout scripture that the people of God turned away from Him, yet He still loved them.

When the people of God created a golden calf to worship instead of Him all because they had grown impatient, God still loved them. When the Israelites begged for a king because being ruled by THE King wasn’t good enough for them, God still loved them. When Jonah set himself in direct opposition to what God had called him to do, God still loved him. When Peter denied Christ not once, not twice, but three times, God still loved him.

God’s love is a love much greater than anything we have experienced in our earthly relationships. It’s greater, deeper, wider, and fuller than any other love. It cannot be extinguished. God’s love cannot be corrupted. God, Himself IS love.

I choose to focus on God’s love on Valentine’s Day, not because I’m S.A.D. but because even on my best day, the day I have been most loved, God’s love is still better, and it leads me to love better as well.

Scripture teaches us that we are to meditate or think about things that are good, holy, and pure (Phil. 4:8). We’re told to do this because what we focus our minds on shapes and molds us. Therefore, when we delight in the Lord we become more like the Lord. We become more loving because He is love.

So, on this Valentine’s Day, even if you normally hate it, I pray that you’ll shift your thinking. Set your mind on things above and remember that God’s steadfast love is better than life itself. There is no better love to celebrate!